Getting Started with the Digital Card Events API

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The Digital Card Events API allows customers to use a new credit card via a mobile wallet before receiving a physical card in the mail. This API is part of Worldpay's Business Events Notification Framework.

About the Business Events Notification Framework: This framework is intended to send and receive notifications between Worldpay and registered endpoints of Worldpay partners. The purpose of this specification is to govern the way in which integration is handled with respect to web services at Worldpay and it is required that the specification herein be used for RESTful based web services.This specification applies to the integration of third-party systems and/or business partners with Worldpay for the Business Event Notifications.

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NOTE: This product is for financial institutions, and you will need a Worldpay license to use the Business Events API. To obtain a license, please contact

Quick Steps for Issuing Mobile Wallet Cards

1. Obtain a Worldpay License

Before you can use the API, you first need to obtain a Worldpay license. The license is a unique identifier that provides authorization and authentication to the API. A license is required for each partner and is unique to the certification or production environment.

In order to get a license, please email or contact your Worldpay account representative.

2. Worldpay Notifies Partner

In this step, Worldpay notifies the partner that a new card has been created.

3. Partner Responds

The partner responds to Worldpay with a HTTP 200 "all good" status.

4. Partner Calls Get Notification Details

In this step, the partner calls the Get Notification Details endpoint.

5. Worldpay Responds

Worldpay responds with the notification details, and requests that the partner submit additional details.

6. Partner Submits Details

The partner responds with the requested additional details.

7. New Card is Encrypted

Once the additional details are obtained, Worldpay encrypts the new card.

8. Partner Calls Get Notification Details

In this step, the partner calls the Get Notification Details endpoint, which returns the details of the encrypted card.