Worldpay API Glossary

The following terms are used throughout Worldpay API documentation.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) A set of communication protocols and tools (similar to a cog in a clock) that allow two systems to interact.

API Lifecycle Management The process of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining APIs.

API Tunneling Tunneling occurs when a client uses the same method on a single URI to perform different actions on a resource.

Banking Account Number Your bank account number, which can be found at the bottom of your checks, is a unique number to identify your checking account your bank.

Banking Routing Number Your bank routing number, which can be found at the bottom of your checks, is used to route funds to your bank. The routing number is unique to a bank, and identifies the location and branch of the bank within the larger banking system.

Business Legal Name The official name of your business. Typically, this is the name registered with your state government.

Chargebacks The return of funds to a consumer, or the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds. For example, if someone returns an item to the store where it was purchased, the business would return the money to the customer.

Control Owner An individual with significant responsibility to control, manage, or direct the business. Each business must identify at least one control owner.

DBA Name Doing Business As name. A company uses a DBA Name when the business name they are using to operate their business differs from their legal name. For example. Timothy Jones may be doing business as TJ's Pizza Joint.

Delta Queries Opaque, service-generated links based on a defining query used by the client to retrieve subsequent changes to get a result. The delta link encodes the collection of entities for which changes are being tracked, along with a starting point from which to track changes.

Est Average Ticket The average dollar amount customers are expected to spend at your business.

Est Maximum Ticket The highest estimated dollar amount for a single transaction that a customer may spend at your business.

Est Total Annual Sales The total estimated annual gross sales amount.

External Ref Id A globally unique unique, consumer-generated merchant identifier (GUID), used for the signing and retrieving of contracts.

Federal Tax Id A unique, nine-digit number assigned by the IRS to businesses operating in the United States. Based on your ownership type, this is either your Employer ID or SSN.

Funding Options Choose the method for depositing card processing revenue into your bank account. With Standard Funding, a deposit is made to your bank account two business days after transaction batching. With Fast Access Funding, deposits are made to your bank account between two and five hours after transaction batching.

Guarantor The person whose credit report will be pulled during underwriting.

Goods or Services Sold The type of products or services your business sells. For example, TJ's Pizza Joint sells pizza!

Hypermedia Controls A method for referring to resources using hypertext links as a way to loosely couple REST services.

Hypertext Application Language (HAL) A standard convention for defining hypermedia (such as links to external resources) within JSON or XML code.

Hypermedia as the Engine of the Application State (HATEOAS) A component of REST that distinguishes it from other applications. HATEOAS allows a client to interact with a network application whose servers provide dynamic information via hypermedia.

Idempotent Method An operation that produces the same result if executed multiple times on the same resource.

Long Running Operations Long running operations, sometimes called asynchronous operations, are methods in which a response cannot be provided immediately due to intensive or complex processing. They require a longer amount of time to complete.

Major Version Breaking Change A change that breaks backward compatibility, including a change in parameter elements, default value, or mandatory headers.

MCC Code Merchant Category Code (MCC). A four-digit number used to classify a business by the type of goods or services they provide. For a complete list of MCC codes, click here.

Merchant GUID Globally Unique Identifier. A number used to identify resources.

Minor Versioning Change A change made when functions are added in a backwards-compatible manner.

OFAC Office of Foreign Assets Control. A branch of the US Department of Treasury that enforces economic and trade sanctions in regard to conducting business with foreign threats.

Owner SSN The owner's federal Social Security number. Federal regulations require Worldpay to collect this information.

PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. For more information, please visit this website.

Percent Transactions Swiped The percentage of card-swiped transactions, as opposed to keyed-in transactions.

Personal Guarantor The person whose credit will be checked during the underwriting process. We require one owner to personally guarantee the account in case there are any billing problems.

RAFT Reliable Automated Funds Transfer

Representational State Transfer (REST) A type of web API that uses requests and responses. REST follows HTTP protocol.

Resource An abstract concept that is at the core of RESTful APIs. Essentially, a resource is an object with a type, associated data, relationships to other resources, and a set of operations that manage its state.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) A style of software design where application components provide services to other components via a communication protocol over a network.

SDN Specially Designated Nationals. Individuals flagged by OFAC as potential threats to national security.

SIC Code Standard Industrial Classification. A four-digit code used to classify industry type.

SSN Social Security Number. The A nine-digit number assigned to an individual in the United States by the federal government.Federally-provided Social Security number. Worldpay is required to collect this information due to federal regulations. Businesses in the United States and individuals outside of the United States are assigned a tax identification number (TIN). .

submerchant A merchant that processes under PayFac.

TIN Tax Identification Number. The most common TIN is a social security number. However, a nine-digit number may be issued by the IRS to individuals who must have an identifying number, but are not eligible for a social security number or employee ID number.

TIN check A verification that the TIN number is correct. A mismatch occurs when the IRS cannot match the TIN and the legal name or business name associated with the TIN in their databases.