Business Event Notifications

The Business Event Notifications framework utilizes a lightweight and simple REST API that sends notifications when an event of interest occurs, such as the opening of a new terminal or ACH card. The framework, which supports both Merchant and financial institutions (FI) lines of businesses, improves the developer experience through ease of integration, near-real-time alerts, and reusable integration patterns.

NOTE: You will need a Worldpay license to use the API. To obtain a license, please contact ( More information regarding Worldpay licenses can be found in the Reference Guide.

Framework Features

  • Improved Developer Experience
    • Light weight, simple, and reusable integration pattern
    • Internal and external integration capabilities
    • Simplified experience for faster time-to-market turn around
  • Improved Partner and Merchant Experience
    • Asynchronous mechanism that sends events to any integrator
    • Near-real-time alerts
    • Visibility to key business process events within internal platforms
  • Operational Efficiency
    • Avoids swivel chair and manual updates in multiple applications
    • Cost savings for implementation

Event Categories

  • Merchant boarding and status updates
  • Merchant demographic updates
  • Underwriting
  • Terminal creation and updates
  • Lease
  • Card events
  • Disputes
  • Merchant pay ACH

Event Catalog

Merchant Events

Notifies partners when there are merchant account changes

Terminal Events

Notifies partners when terminal-related events occur

FraudSight Events

Notifies merchants regarding possible fraudulent transactions

ACH Card Events

Notifies partners when ACH card-related events occur

Quick Steps for Integrating with Business Event Notification APIs

The following quick steps are generalized for all BEN APIs. Please review the unique API specification for each event type, which can be found in the proceeding API catalog, as it may have additional steps or processes for handling notifications. For additional information regarding integration patterns, JWT decoding, and licensing, please see the Reference Guide.

1. Obtain a Worldpay License

Before you can integrate into the Business Event Notification Framework, you will first need to obtain a Worldpay license. The license is a unique identifier that provides authorization and authentication to the API. A license is required for each partner and is unique to the certification or production environment. In order to get a license, please contact your Worldpay account representative.

2. Provide a Destination URL for Notifications

When an event of interest is created, Worldpay will use the POST Notification endpoint to alert the integrator. You (the integrator) must provide a URL where Worldpay can send the notification using the following format: https://Integration_Partner_Base_Address/vantiv/notification.

3. Retrieve Notification Details and Submit Additional Information

Using the GET Notification Details endpoint, you can request more details from Worldpay. Depending on event type, you can also submit additional details to Worldpay in order to update the backend system for further processing. Please refer to the API Catalog for more information regarding which event types allow additional details.

4. Acknowledge the Notification

Once you have processed the notification details, you can send a notification to Worldpay.