Getting Started with the Native RAFT API

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The Native RAFT API allows small, medium, and enterprise merchants of all verticals to process payments transactions directly to RAFT--Worldpay's core authorization processing platform. The API is a set of functions used to invoke the transaction processing capabilities of RAFT and utilizes the modern, widely used REST design and the JSON data-interchange format. Messages are received via HTTP protocol over the internet or through dedicated circuits (extranet).

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The API is designed for quick and simple integration by allowing merchants to code to the specific transaction sets and functionality that meet their needs. Unlike the stockier formats such as ISO or 610, the API does not contain bitmaps or indexing to control the fields used, which allows customers to integrate to Worldpay more quickly. We utilize the flexibility of JSON to pick and choose the functions they need and to consume as much or as little information as desired within those functions.

Most importantly, the API exposes the power of RAFT and is designed for exceptional performance, resiliency, and to support all types of merchants and all types of payments. Now with the API, transaction-processing within RAFT can be realized using information-transfer standards familiar to small development shops and large merchant-owned IT organizations.