Getting Started with the Capital Offers API

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Worldpay's Capital Offers API leverages the power of Liberis to offer alternative financial funding options to small and medium businesses.

Capital Offers is a RESTful API that displays targeted offers generated by Liberis to merchants within the Worldpay network. Via this API, merchants are able to receive Liberis-generated offers via direct mail, Worldpay's IQ portal, and POS devices.

Liberis offers small and medium businesses flexible funding options and is committed to responsible funding practices. By leveraging the Liberis API, Worldpay Capital will present personalized advertisements to merchants that offer small and medium businesses fast, flexible funding alternatives.

NOTE: You will need a Worldpay license to use the API. To obtain a license, please contact More information regarding Worldpay licenses can be found in the Reference Guide.

Capital Offers API Flow

1. Get Offers

In this step, Worldpay Capital calls the Liberis API and returns with a list of offers generated by Liberis. The Capital Offers API is designed to return the best Liberis offer, whether that is a generic or customer-targeted advertisement.

2. Accept Offer

When the customer clicks the Liberis offer, a request is submitted and a link for the Worldpay Capital application is returned.

3. Apply for Capital

By clicking the link generated in the second step, customers are redirected to the Liberis UI where they can complete and submit the Capital application and view the results.