Getting Started with the PayFac Submerchant Boarding Interface

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The PayFac Submerchant Boarding Interface is a JSON-based, RESTful API that allows you to quickly create and update submerchants. With this API, you can also retrieve information about existing submerchants and delete submerchants, as well as orchestrating the Express Sub-Account on-boarding process for PayFacs already on the Express Gateway. This API also attaches the terminals based on PayFac-specific template terminals.

NOTE: To authenticate, a PayFac license is required. To obtain a license, please send us an email.

This product is for partners with an existing processing integration through the Express platform. If you are not already a partner and are interested in exploring integration options, then please click here.

Quick Steps

The following flow chart demonstrates how submerchants are created, and when the submerchant can begin processing transactions:

1. Obtain a Worldpay License

Before you can start using the PayFac Submerchant Boarding Interface, you will first need to obtain a Worldpay license. The license is a unique identifier that provides authorization and authentication to the API. A license is required for each PayFac and is unique to the certification or production environment. In order to get a license, please email or contact your Worldpay Relationship Manager.

Certification environment base URL: [

Production environment base URL: [

2. Conduct Certification Tests

You are required to complete a number of certification tests prior to submitting transactions. This allows you to verify your system submits correctly formatted data and correctly parses data returned in response messages. We have established a certification environment to facilitate the certification process. For more information, please see the reference guide.

NOTE: Some PayFacs that don't use Advanced Settlement rules at the submerchant level can skip the certification test for updating an Advanced Settlement Account of a submerchant.

3. Create a Submerchant

Once you have obtained a license and completed certification testing, you can begin submitting merchant information using the POST/submerchants call. Worldpay will respond with terminals, MID, and Express credentials, along with performing background and MATCH checks.

4. Begin Processing Payments

Once a submerchant is on-boarded, you can use the API to update and delete submerchant data, including the maintenance of bank account information and VAS details.