Testing and Certification

When integrating with Worldpay APIs, users must complete the testing and certification process. This process ensures smooth integration and helps to prevent future complications.

Quick Steps for Integrating with Worldpay APIs:

  1. Integration partner conducts an initial kick-off with the Solutioning Team, including a formal statement of work.
  2. Partner is setup in Worldpay systems in order to access product.
  3. Integration partner starts coding to the API and self-testing in the API Developer Portal.
  4. Integration partner works with Worldpay to determine any changes that need to be made after initial testing. Note: Worldpay reviews tests and approves certification.
  5. Integration partner receives production credentials.
  6. Launch to production.

Try It Out Feature

When integrating with Worldpay APIs, you are able to use your API license to interact with the API specification in a sandbox environment. Each endpoint features a "Try it out" button, which will populate a sample response.

Postman Testing

Some Worldpay APIs have a downloadable Postman collection. Users can download and send test calls using their Worldpay license. Please visit the Postman Learning Center for more information.